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High winds are prevailing in southern California and the Central Coast, reports my mother in her first, eyewitness contribution to Urban Plant Research. In Santa Barbara County, she can hardly venture outside because of winds over 25 miles per hour. She also read that over in Victorville, which lies between Los Angeles and the Mojave Desert, the wind has residents trapped inside for another reason: it has swept mountains of tumbleweeds against their houses, blocking doors and windows! Check out these Google Image search results she sent over:

Screenshot of Google Image search results for "victorville ca + tumbleweed". Each photo in the search results shows high piles of tumbleweeds in the town streets or against houses.

We here at Urban Plant Research have long been interested in tumbleweeds and urban tumbleweeds (tumbling, windblown plastic bags). Are their tumbleweeds where you live?

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Every so often, while walking through the city, I come across a chain link fence like this one. It tells the story of a relationship past. Surely we all recognize the feeling, we have all been indelibly marked by someone who was once close but has since gone away?

Though the friend may be gone, he always leaves something of himself behind.

Or maybe this fence could just use a good flossing!

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Came upon these handy guides for campers and outdoorspeople on Edible Plants and Poisonous Plants in the Wilderness. I’m about to move across two oceans so I would like to give them away to any loyal reader or contributor to this blog. They are pocket-sized and come with handy protective sleeves for your outdoor adventures. Please post a comment if you’re interested, and email your shopping address to urbanplantresearch at gmail dot com. 

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — We are pleased to provide urban plant reporting from San Francisco. As residents of this city for more than eight years, we have witnessed urban plants – large and small. We look forward to sharing more plant sightings from our foggy city.


The manicured bushes of Noe Valley.

Megan likes plants a lot, especially ones she can eat. She keeps a modest balcony garden in her Mission apartment. Its current resident is curly parsley.


Pasta soon?

Phoebe likes plants in surprising or comical situations. As a woodworker, she also keeps an eye out for fallen city trees.


Looks like a lot of cutting boards.

Stay tuned for more!

– Megan & Phoebe


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Plant walks at the lake, around the train station, in parks and in a graveyard — our week as artists in residence at Lichtenberg Studios flew by. On Friday, a few days before our departure, we hosted a plant talk and discussion, featuring the video diary of our Lichtenberg explorations above.


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We made our first urban plant expedition in Lichtenberg today. Yesterday, Sara and I moved into the Lichtenberg Studios in Berlin where we are in residence this week. Our first order of business today was to explore the neighborhood on foot and see what kind of plants, parks, flower shops, green spaces and other urban nature we might find. Here are some of the things we saw, smelled, observed, tasted…


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Tree stump in large hole in brick wall

This winter, two trees in Hasselt, Belgium managed to deliver a blow to a brick wall in a café parking lot, reports local designer Pablo Hannon, who sent these pictures from the scene of the battle.


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