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Takahiro Hasegawa

One Field, One T-shirt is a project by Takahiro Hasegawa, an experimental designer and member of the Practice Held in Common program (formerly known as Fashion Held in Common) in the Netherlands. For this project, he planted a field of flax in order to produce one t-shirt. Due to COVID-19, the project is on hiatus. Documentation of his process can be viewed in a video here and an interview was recently published on Instagram.

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Hello Readers,

It’s been a while since there has been a post. Hope all of you are keeping safe and healthy. Leslie sent me this wonderful article about Barcelona Opera’s reopening. Hope this will bring some joy and delight to your day.

Emilio Morenatti/AP

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As a California native, I grew up with an abundance of parks, hiking trails and large areas of nature within a short walking distance. That is why I was surprised that the artificial foliage and plants of New York have been catching my attention. The city’s greenery cannot compare with California’s vegetation, but I am interested in how urban dwellers find comfort and privacy in a bustling city where space is limited and its supply is competitive.


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I saw these palms inside a marbled atrium in downtown San Francisco. I don’t think a haircut will solve the issue of vertical growth overtime so I wonder what happens when they reach the top.


Meanwhile in the Mission District, these tall palm trees align busy sidewalks. If you happen to encounter these trees on a windy day, you might find some of them swinging in an unsettling manner.


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