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Wild plant cuttings in jars of water on a windowsill

Berlin is in full bloom. Spring started early this year, so now, in mid-May, we are finding the city’s green spaces and empty lots covered in foliage, wildflowers and interesting weeds. On yesterday’s walks (to forage elderflowers near the residency studio, and later exploring Karlshorst with its allotment gardens and green spaces around the racetrack), we found ourselves interested in the specific plants we encountered, and collected some specimens.

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Ever seen an old bicycle, repurposed as a planter, in a quaint grandmother’s garden, with pots of trailing vines attached to every available spot? These little grasses and weeds seem to aspire to the same romantic arrangement. Props to eagle-eyed Ms. Hustrulid, who just spotted this amazing interaction between sidewalk flora and sidewalk paint in San Francisco. For more of her photos, please visit her Instagram feed: @glovecompartment.

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Artist's worktable with thistles, sketch of thistles, watercolors and pencil

Spring on Spain’s Costa de la Luz (the Atlantic part of the coastline) is an explosion of wildflower blossoms, from red poppies and yellow-and-white daisies to purple thistles and blue borage. I plucked a few while staying in the dusty little village of El Palmar to study more closely.

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Big bro and kid bro dandelion hanging out in front of the techno club ://aboutblank. Giving them a once over: cool couple hops and Ailanthus altissima.

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Plants under a sidewalk grate

Spotted on Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin-Friedrichshain near the computer game museum.

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Plants in the bathroom mirror. Spotted this morning on the sidewalk of Gubener Straße, one of Friedrichshain’s greenest hidden little streets.

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Wild arugula

Things are lushest at the end of summer, especially this summer in Berlin. Weeks of rain alternating with a few super-hot days mean plants growing prodigiously and in more places than I’ve ever seen – or am I just noticing them more? Above, arugula elbows in next to the stinging nettle near the Modersohnbrücke in Friedrichshain, the bridge where young folks gather to watch the sunset. Now they can have a little snack with their cheap beer.


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