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Tiny vine growing in the middle metal steps. By Martin Hill.

On the metal stairs at the Berlin-Karlshorst train station, between the S-Bahn and regional train platforms, our faithful correspondent Martin Hill “tripped over” this specimen on his way to work. (more…)

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Much of the city is still leafless, but I caught this vine growing rapidly down a concrete wall separating the train station from the swimming center. Maybe there will be post-swim berries this summer?

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Berlin: Vine


Spotted a work of art on a building in the gallery area of Berlin-Mitte.

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Plant growing in trash can on sidewalk

Let’s travel to some cities other than Berlin and New York to marvel at their plant life. Our guides will be a couple of photographers from Instagram, a Twitter-esque network for sharing mobile phone snapshots. It’s a fun way to experience daily life in faraway cities, especially when you glimpse some greenery, as in the the lovely shot above, “Amsterdam morning,” by Ulla Välk (@bliksem). She’s based in Amsterdam but travels frequently, sharing sights from around Europe. Read on for more from Ulla…


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Vine, pole and wires that arguably resemble a crucifix.

In case you haven’t already caught this on Boing Boing, an urban plant watcher in Littleton, Colorado spotted an image of Jesus in his local flora. Don Taylor photographed this amazing vine cluster on a telephone pole, extending its “arms” out onto the wires. To him, the arrangement looked remarkably like a crucifix. (more…)

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Bittersweet 2

On the side of a house on Orange Street, this incredibly twining vine impressed me. I was on my first tentative urban plant walk in New Haven, seeing if there were any plants to observe, despite it being the dead of winter. Somehow I was drawn to the space between two houses, where I found this vine twining tightly around itself and everything else it could reach.


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I made these notes and pictures quite awhile ago, but didn’t finish the roll of film until last week. It’s just been too cold for photographing, for me. But last week I shot a fair amount so there will be a few more posts coming up.


10 November 2008, ca. 15:30
In front of ‘Schwarzer Kanal,’ Michaelkirchstr, Kreuzberg, Berlin 

A sprawling, frothing, seeding, fluff-loaded vine-growth is hanging all over this stretch of sagging construction fence, looking just as if it was what pulled the fence down into the matted grass and weeds. (more…)

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Wall tree, Aarhus, Denmark

Photos taken by Marko Förstel, 29-31 October 2008

Lately, I’ve been asking myself what the point of Urban Plant Research is, or what we hope to achieve with the project. I wasn’t coming up with very definite answers, but I guess you could say that we’re not hoping to establish how special and artistic we are by by noticing these odd plants in everday places, but to the contrary, to show that everyone who opens their eyes can discover wacky plants in their own neighborhoods or wherever they might find themselves.

So I was quite happy when my boyfriend and loyal Urban Plant Research reader Marko Förstel came back from a short trip to Aarhus, Denmark saying that the city was filled with plants that fit right into the project. Here are some of his pictures.

Above, a vine and a row of hinged bike racks form a mesmerizing graphic composition on a brick wall.


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Sunday, 27 July 2008, 19:00.

Plants that comfort the heart with their magnaminous presence: creeper and ivy covering the windowless side of a house.

Gubener Str & Graudenzer Str.

Why fake ivy, when you have so much of the real thing?

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