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Tree Attempting Escape from Unmarked White Van

In a recent comment, Phoebe reported:¬†“I was driving to work from San Francisco, grabbed my camera, and took a shot through the windshield…¬†Plants trying to escape from an unmarked white van. I smell a tree heist.”


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Shiny apple-green van door with hand-painted cactus picture

A prickly little hand-painted cactus, its spines sticking out like sparkles, graces a V3 Volkswagen van often parked near my studio. Shiny and apple green, clearly maintained with love, the van makes me want to go a-wandering down country roads on a slow, meandering road trip. This small urban plant on the passenger-side door, hinting at desert driving adventures, just makes it all the more evocative.

Seen any plants decorating your neighborhood vehicles lately?

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Nomadic cactus

This laid-back cactus must have an interesting life. A glam little character with its bright red color and gold spray-painted pot, chilling under a disco ball, it lives on the dashboard of a van that clearly goes places. Well stocked with maps and music, this little guy is living the dream. Spotted recently at Boxhagener Platz in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

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