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Huge rectangular shrub with basketball hoop embedded in it.

If you like oddities in urban space, plant-related or otherwise, @jesmcdowell‘s photos are for you. One of the funniest folks I know on Instagram, whom I’ve been following for almost four years now.

This is but one of Jes’s kooky finds. If anyone has an idea how this basketball hoop plant was grown/constructed, I could really use some theories.

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Row of small round bushes before a pink wall

Today’s urban plants were photographed by my sister Phoebe Kuo on a business trip to Brazil. The first two things that struck me about these trim little spherical bushes was that their environment is such a weird shade of pink, and that they look like a row of peas with one missing. What strikes you?

There will be more São Paulo plants by Phoebe coming soon, or if you can’t wait, click on the photo for her Flickr stream.

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Hedge like a massive wall borders a parking lot.

Turns out that Vancouver has its own urban plant-investigating artist, the photographer Jennilee Marigomen.

My sister clued me in to her absolutely fantastic series Botanophobia, which is like Urban Plant Research but with everything – sensations, dimensions, absurdity – heightened and intensified. These photos took my breath away; see if you don’t feel the same way! (more…)

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