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Spotted this terrifying scene in a travel agent’s window while strolling around Berlin’s Schöneberg district last week. While the oblivious agent calmly sold tickets to two customers, a violent plant was attacking one of the planes parked in the window, while various carved figurines passively looked on.

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Nomadic cactus

This laid-back cactus must have an interesting life. A glam little character with its bright red color and gold spray-painted pot, chilling under a disco ball, it lives on the dashboard of a van that clearly goes places. Well stocked with maps and music, this little guy is living the dream. Spotted recently at Boxhagener Platz in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

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How many different succulents can you count in this picture?  I tried to count them all and lost track. This incredible garden, which Sara and I saw as we visited a rustic little beach by Half Moon Bay on New Year’s Eve, is clearly the product of human intervention. I highly doubt any natural seaside cliff would be so diversely and densely populated.


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