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Michael Jackson in tree
Photo courtesy CBS

Though perhaps a bit off topic, this CBS13 article from my hometown, “Family Sees Image Of Michael Jackson In Tree Stump,” was too good to go unmentioned. Talk about plants making shapes and speaking to us! And holding mirrors up to our minds…

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Traveling back each year to the place I grew up, I notice changes in the commercial and residential landscape: bookstores that have gone, chains that have moved in, friends’ families who have moved away, the spreading of the suburban perimeter. I notice new traffic lights and speed bumps while driving through the old neighborhood. But until the birth of Urban Plant Research, I largely took for granted the strangeness of American suburban landscaping and the role plants play in setting the tone of this environment. This time I began to look.


Among tidily-kept lawn-shapes and bush sculptures, rock gardens and cement-scapes, here and there I found an errant wildness, like this lovely tree spouting fiery plumes from within the confines of a nondescript roof.


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