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Huge rectangular shrub with basketball hoop embedded in it.

If you like oddities in urban space, plant-related or otherwise, @jesmcdowell‘s photos are for you. One of the funniest folks I know on Instagram, whom I’ve been following for almost four years now.

This is but one of Jes’s kooky finds. If anyone has an idea how this basketball hoop plant was grown/constructed, I could really use some theories.

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A more flippant urban plant update today: I just discovered some great plant-art by my favorite knit-artist, Mochimochi Land aka Anna Hrachovec, who is based in Brooklyn but has also exhibited here in Berlin. This pieces is called “Tiny Tree and Small Shrubbery.” I love the photo, taken by ¬†Brandi Simons, and I thought, if I’ve posted on knitting FOR trees, why not post on knitting trees? You can check out Mochimochi Land’s website for more tiny knit things.

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