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Rustic lei made of German wildflowers and plants.

Sorry so silent! I’ve been busy arranging flowers in Honolulu, Beacon (where another Urban Plant Researcher recently wed!) and the German countryside, sometimes into bouquets and more often into lei.

Mahalo to the Hui Hana Lei Ladies who taught me to make haku lei in my last month in Hawaii. If you’re on Oahu, please visit their annual lei-making class this Thursday. I just posted about my experience making lei with the lei ladies, and more about their class, here on my other blog, Local Color.

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Closed (circular) lei of orange and white flowers.
Sorry it’s been a little quiet here, but I’ve been doing background research on Hawaii plants. While I’ve been reading about them, I’ve noticed that the authors always mention which parts of each plant are used in lei-making. So I quickly got the picture that lei are an important part of the culture here, and of how people relate to plants. Today, I was given a lei for the first time, and I wrote about it on my other blog. Please enjoy!

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