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large fallen leaf with 1-cent piece for comparison

When leaves start falling in autumn, they sometimes amaze me with their size. The enormous leaves from tulip trees, for example, can be as big as your face! This one, from a plane tree on a Berlin street, isn’t quite that large, but it’s still pretty big.

Our colleague, local ecologist, is also collecting leaves – quite a few more than I’ve gathered so far.

If you’ve found any interesting leaves in your neighborhoods, let me know!

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Just stumbled across this charming collection of leaves that fellow expatriate Berlin-dweller Christoph Niemann made for the New York Times last fall.

Seems like it’s been a long time since trees have had leaves.┬áThe pre-spring warm days that come in March always feel strange to me for that reason – I find it odd to see people eating in front of cafes and picknicking in the parks, all beneath bare, leafless trees. Well, the first leaves will be coming soon, and we will report on them here.

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