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Ivy Graffiti

10 November 2008, ca. 16:00
Engelbecken, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Freshly sprayed graffiti interacts (probably inadvertently) with the plants that had claimed the wall first. Red and gold leaves have been masked with black, but others have been memorialized in green: they blocked the new silver paint from hitting its target, leaving bits of the earlier green paint in perfectly leaf-shaped patterns. A welcome bit of subtlety and detail in a piece of painting that would otherwise be monotone and boring.

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10 November 2008, 14:30
Karl-Marx-Allee 69, Friedrichshain, Berlin

In front of, on either side of, and all over the hedges below a shuttered first-floor window on this wide, white-tiled high rise, ivy is meandering, ranging, turning gold and brown and waving in the wind. In a black square to one side, an indoor plant pushes against the glass.

This photo doesn’t really capture the vividness of the scene – it was a dark, overcast day, so even at 2 in the afternoon, the light was scant. But I wanted to record these plants anyway.

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I recently photographed ivy and a billboard contributing their own graffiti to the side of a building above the Prospect Highway…


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Juncker's Hotel Garni

18 July 2008 (observed) / 9 September 2008 (photographed)
Gr├╝nbergerstra├če 21, Friedrichshain, Berlin

This is a small hotel I always enjoy walking past. To think of a hotel owner taking the time to cultivate such bodacious balconies makes me happy.

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Sunday, 27 July 2008, 19:00.

Plants that comfort the heart with their magnaminous presence: creeper and ivy covering the windowless side of a house.

Gubener Str & Graudenzer Str.

Why fake ivy, when you have so much of the real thing?

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