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Hedge like a massive wall borders a parking lot.

Turns out that Vancouver has its own urban plant-investigating artist, the photographer Jennilee Marigomen.

My sister clued me in to her absolutely fantastic series Botanophobia, which is like Urban Plant Research but with everything – sensations, dimensions, absurdity – heightened and intensified. These photos took my breath away; see if you don’t feel the same way! (more…)

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Hedge clippers

15 September 2008, 13:25
A park in Berlin

Biking through this large park for the first time, I came upon three garden workers taming large hedges with a few small chainsaws, a wheelbarrow, a few rakes, a hoe and a picnic bench (Bierbank, beer bench, is what they’re called in Germany). I stopped to talk to them. In three days, they have to get a dozen of these huge, bushy hedges rectangular. Usually, the bushes are also trimmed in the spring, but this year, the fall trim is the first one they’ve been granted. (more…)

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