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Photographed by Marko Förstel

Marko, who last sent us some great plants from Aarhus, Denmark, is currently working in a lab in Hamburg where he has had to spend the first days of spring working 12-hour (or longer) shifts indoors.

He writes: “I attached a picture of flowers which made me feel good
after 13h playing with knobs and cables. I went out just to have a cigarette and the air was so cold and fresh and springy. And those cute little guys were glittering in the dew. I was reminded of your nice blog and how important those small flowers are…”

I am glad that our blog has other people looking more closely at their green neighbors! I like this picture a lot. Neither Marko nor I are sure these are actually flowers; they look weirdly mushroom like. Or maybe they are part of some kind of moss. Maybe one of our readers knows more.

Also, if any other readers have plants to share, please do.

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