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Elderflower bush by graffiti mural

It’s been a wonderful spring for elderflowers in Berlin, their huge creamy white sprays appearing by the dozen on the simple green trees and shrubs that, until then, nobody had paid any attention to, like this low-growing specimen obscuring some graffiti. They perfumed the air around them, and the food and drinks of anyone who took the time to stop and forage.


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After I mentioned that I made homemade syrup from foraged urban elderflowers, reader Georgia asked for the recipe. So I’m adding a new category to the blog called “Plant recipes.” Seeing that most of our current readers find our blog while googling “edible plants Berlin” and that we’ve already served¬†“urb tea” and “neighborhood mint mojitos” made with foraged herbs from around the block during our residency at Open Source two years ago, I think there is enough interest and material for edible and drinkable urban plants to make this a regular topic!¬† (more…)

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