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Three large planters designed to look like white takeout cartons, holding green leafy plants in an airport terminal

Why do these plants appear to be planted in takeout containers? They caught my eye during a recent trip via Copenhagen’s stylish airport. At first I thought they were bamboo, and ethnic stereotyping was at work in some weird way, but they are some other tall, grassy plant which I couldn’t identify. Any ideas?

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Wall tree, Aarhus, Denmark

Photos taken by Marko Förstel, 29-31 October 2008

Lately, I’ve been asking myself what the point of Urban Plant Research is, or what we hope to achieve with the project. I wasn’t coming up with very definite answers, but I guess you could say that we’re not hoping to establish how special and artistic we are by by noticing these odd plants in everday places, but to the contrary, to show that everyone who opens their eyes can discover wacky plants in their own neighborhoods or wherever they might find themselves.

So I was quite happy when my boyfriend and loyal Urban Plant Research reader Marko Förstel came back from a short trip to Aarhus, Denmark saying that the city was filled with plants that fit right into the project. Here are some of his pictures.

Above, a vine and a row of hinged bike racks form a mesmerizing graphic composition on a brick wall.


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