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Ball of spiky pale green foliage hanging from strings

Two surprises awaited me this past Saturday as I took a walk from Neukölln to Kreuzberg, getting acclimated in Berlin again after a week in the heat of Spain. First, I realized that one of my favorite greenmarkets, the “Turkish market” (held on Tuesdays and Fridays on Maybachufer), has spun off a third, Saturday market dedicated to fabrics and handcrafts. There, I was doubly surprised to find an airy, minimal stand in shades of dusty green and creamy white, offering an array of strange air plants with nary a root or speck of soil in sight.


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Juniper branches and berries surrounding four candles

A 10-minute DIY project made with juniper branches and berries, trimmed from overgrown public plantings. I simply set four candles on a pie plate and distributed the greenery in an appealing way. Happy holidays, urban plants!

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