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We have news! In a few weeks, Sara will be traveling from New York to join me for a mini artist residency at Berlin’s Lichtenberg Studios. For one week, we will be exploring the urban plants and people of Lichtenberg, one of the city’s quieter, more old-school districts where the East Berlin atmosphere still lingers.

We warmly invite you to join us on the evening of May 23…  (more…)

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Basket of wild garlic (Bärlauch) leaves on forest floor

Since spring is so early this year in Berlin, the Bärlauch (wild garlic) is already at the height of its season here. We went foraging yesterday at the Volkspark Pankow. Some Bärlauch tips I’ve posted earlier:

What spring vegetables and fruits are coming in season where you are? What are you foraging?

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Pages from book with photos of lakes and parks Pages from book with photos of runways and parks

In one summer, William Niendorff photographed more than 80 of Berlin’s larger parks and green spaces, from former airfields to lakeside idylls. You might remember seeing his photos here at UPR or on his blog, Planting Art. Now hundreds of his images from Summer 2013 have come together in his new book, Berlin Green Places, which you can view in its entirety online. Enjoy!

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Ever seen an old bicycle, repurposed as a planter, in a quaint grandmother’s garden, with pots of trailing vines attached to every available spot? These little grasses and weeds seem to aspire to the same romantic arrangement. Props to eagle-eyed Ms. Hustrulid, who just spotted this amazing interaction between sidewalk flora and sidewalk paint in San Francisco. For more of her photos, please visit her Instagram feed: @glovecompartment.

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Thumbnails of photos showing process of making jam
Jam session in pictures, ©Pixxe.org

Warsaw foragers were almost foiled (unintentionally) by Solidarność protesters before convincing several marchers to save the day. Don’t miss this great post by Pixxe on an eventful fruit-preserving party. The fruit — including dogwood cherries, apples, pears and mystery fruit — looks delicious.

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Looking up at window boxes on a building's catw

Georgia over at local ecologist is featuring window box gardens from different urban plant bloggers around the world, from Tokyo to London. I’m honored to be today’s guest blogger, musing on my window box garden dreams. Read more in my guest blog post at local ecologist.

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Big bro and kid bro dandelion hanging out in front of the techno club ://aboutblank. Giving them a once over: cool couple hops and Ailanthus altissima.

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