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Apple tree at Scherer8

Sorry to leave you all Urban Plant-less for a few days after I’d managed a winning streak/week of daily posts. As you may have heard, Steve Jobs passed away yesterday. I freelance for a company that makes Apple software, and we were all pretty preoccupied today. I know that all has nothing to do with urban plants, but I still wanted to repost this tough young apple tree I photographed three years ago. Its photo was exhibited partway around the world, in New York and New Haven. I believe my friend Hanni has the photo now. I wonder what the tree looks like today? Peace.

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Magazine with apple

Did I mention that my favorite magazine, Balkon & Garten (Berlin’s urban garden magazine), has an absolutely fantastic issue on apples out right now? The magazine has a different theme for each bimonthly issue, collecting art and writing from its readers on the topic. September/October’s theme was “Apfel” (apple). Read on to see more…


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