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Many agave blossoms towering over home garden in Kaimuki, Honolulu, Hawaii.

All over Honolulu, the Dr. Seuss-esque towers of agave flowers have been catching my eye. The spiky, seafoam-green plants are popular for home gardens here. A little research on Wikipedia suggests that this is the Mexican species Agave attenuata, which, thanks to the shape of its inflorescence, is also called foxtail, lion’s tail or swan’s neck. It is a different species that is used for tequila, the blue agave, also know as, what else, Agave tequilana.

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Huge agave plant in a pot, leaves bound together with straps.

From Berlin’s science and tech campus in Adlershof, this picture was sent in by Marko Förstel, who recently encountered a large newcomer among the plants in the oval lobby of an office building on Albert-Einstein-Straße.


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